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Cheri Hauer is Retiring.

Cheri Hauer is Retiring! 
Central Montessori Academy has been extremely lucky to have Cheri Hauer as our Front Office and Admission Director for 23 years. Cheri’s caring and thoughtful nature has supported many families in their journey raising children. If you ask any child who attended CMA they will tell you that Cheri is the one who could fix or help with anything. She was the tooth pulling expert, the person who could get out splinters and the only person who could fix a head ache or stomach ache. Cheri’s positive attitude always brought people together. She is well known for gathering children every Friday to sing the Friday song.

CMA will miss Cheri Hauer as she is moving to Florida and retiring, however the legacy and culture she has helped to create at CMA will live on. Cheri’s last official day at CMA will be on Friday, January 24th. Cheri will be back for CMA’s Graduation on Friday, May 8th and we will be celebrating Cheri (all are welcome) on Saturday, May 9th. Save those dates to come and celebrate Cheri’s retirement!

Cheri Hauer Shares About Her New Journey:

To My CMA Family,

After 23 wonderful years at Central Montessori Academy, I am announcing my retirement!  This decision was not an easy one for sure.

My husband, Bill retired from the Cincinnati Fire Department a year ago and we officially purchased our dream home in Largo, FL this past summer in August!

Being a part of the CMA Family has been one of the most treasured gifts in my life!  My family joined the CMA Family in January of 1996.  Our three children, Jake (29), Cara (25) and Nick (21) all attended CMA and were molded and shaped into the most incredible adults with the help of this community!  Thank you to the current and former Teachers and Staff for supporting Bill and I throughout their CMA years (and even still)!

I am so blessed to get to take with me so many fantastic memories…all that make me laugh and cry joyful tears!  The hundreds of children and their families that have walked thru the doors of CMA will be close to my heart for the rest of my life!

Thank you for loving me as much as I have loved all of you!

Ms. Cheri