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Central Montessori Academy – Toddler, Preschool and Elementary in Northwest Cincinnati We are an independent Montessori school nurturing and developing young scholars from toddler through sixth grade. Schedule a Visit

Pre-Primary Teachers & Staff

Star Room

Lizzie Roth

Star Room Faculty

My name is Lizzie Roth and I enjoy working at Central Montessori Academy on the Pre-Primary team! I  graduated from Xavier University with my Bachelors Degree in Montessori Education. CMA was the site I was placed for student teaching during my final semester at Xavier and I am glad that they welcomed me to stay in their community and teach. I really enjoy how CMA embraces the Montessori philosophy and encourages children to be independent; they also have a strong sense of community. When I am not teaching I like to spend time with my family and friends or anywhere outside in warm sunshine and beautiful nature.

Rachel Weber

Star Room Faculty

I’m 22 years old and I grew up here in Cincinnati. I’m a 2014 graduate of Mother of Mercy High School and a 2018 graduate of Ohio University, so I’ve been a Bobcat for eight years straight! I love animals – I have one dog named Trevor and two cats named Simba and Skittles. I also love cooking and musical theater. Most importantly, I’m very excited for a great first year here at Central Montessori Academy!

Mollie Peters

Star Room Faculty

My name is Mollie Peters & I work with Lizzie in the Star Room.  I have a Masters degree in Montessori Education from Xavier University and a hold a credential in early childhood from American Montessori Society for 3- 6 year olds. I love the Montessori philosophy and the ability to follow the child as their interests and needs continue to develop and mature. As a teacher, it is very rewarding to guide and observe children during the three-year cycle. The sense of community and family that is built with families during this time is invaluable. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, love animals and spending time outdoors.

Earth Room

Sara Thomas

Earth Room Faculty

Hey there! My name is Sara and I am thrilled to be the Pre-Primary Assistant in the Earth Room!  I received my BS in Psychology from Mt. St. Joseph University in 2002 and my MEd in Montessori Education from Xavier University in 2007.  I also earned an American Montessori Society Elementary I Credential and K-3 Licensure from Xavier. I have experience being a lead teacher in both the pre-primary and lower elementary levels.  My love of Montessori goes back to when I went to a pre-primary Montessori school as a child. The philosophy and learning style have stuck with me throughout my life and it made sense to pursue it on a professional level.

My love of CMA started the second we walked into the doors for a tour in 2011. Not long after, we registered our son who absolutely loves it here. Since we have been here, I have enjoyed volunteering for events and fundraisers, organizing the school book fair, and teaching a Discovery Class before accepting this permanent position.  I love that CMA is a big family where we support each other and watch each other grow.  The Montessori philosophy is deep in our roots and our Montessori trained teachers follow it closely. The respect, love and sense of community is felt strongly throughout the school.  It’s definitely a very special place to be!

In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, geocaching, spending time with my family, making cards and selling clothes with Agnes and Dora.

Extended Day/Before and After Care

Shari Rouse

Before and Aftercare Coordinator, Reading Specialist

My name is Shari Rouse. I have been working at CMA since 2011 and began as an Aftercare teacher. In 2012, I was a teachers assistant in the Earth Room working with Ms. Gayla and Ms. Melina.  I am currently the before and after care coordinator, the before care teacher, and the intervention reading specialist working with all age levels on their reading and writing.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with a reading endorsement from Miami University in 2007. In 2017, I graduated from Miami University with my Master’s in Language and Literacy with a Third Grade Guarantee. Since college I have worked in several educational environments and none compares to Central Montessori Academy. The most exciting aspect is the close, caring community that encompasses CMA. This community provides support to older children who are role models, to younger children who gain confidence, and to the teachers who provided freedom within limits to allow those active seekers appropriate time to pursue their knowledge and independence. CMA is not only special because of the children who provide us with laughter, joy, and the realization of why we became teachers; however it is also because of the community, families, and parents that provide support, time, and help when needed.

McKenzee Wilkins

Afternoon Assistant

My name is McKenzee Wilkins and I support the Pre-Primary program (Earth room) and after care. I am a student at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in athletic training. I started off as an Early Childhood Education major and ended up changing my major, but I always have and always will love working with kids. I have been at CMA since November 2011. I love seeing the kids learn new things and grow every day. I think CMA is special because it’s a very tight knit community, like a family.